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Making Collaborative Innovation Stick

People who practice collaborative innovation commit to transforming their communities and organizations in authentic ways. Through the practice, people realize their potential for leadership by posing the critical questions that matter and by convening peers to pursue the ideas that follow. And, let’s be honest: the practice....

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Conflict in Teams – Does it Stimulate Creativity and Innovation?

Conflict is a dreaded word. Most people associate conflict with interpersonal clashes ranging from inelegant avoidance tactics in the breakroom to fierce and open hostility. Surely, it is obvious that conflict in teams is detrimental to creativity and innovation. But is it? In this post we will....

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How to Make Open Innovation a Reality in your Organization

There is a lot of talk about open innovation. But what do you need to be able to really walk the talk and generate concrete results? Take this opportunity to learn how and to interact with industry leaders in an Expert Panel Discussion on September 27th. In....

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Our Innovation Heroes

Meet Joanna Chua. She realized that it was going to become increasingly difficult to teach courses as the number of students grew exponentially, and set out to build our Consulting Methods Online course...

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